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Chromebook Lifecycle Tips For Low-Budget Schools

Guest Contributor: Jay Haugen, Account Executive

For many school IT Directors, a penny saved is a penny spent on Chromebook maintenance. But how do you maintain a fleet of devices when your budget doesn't make any cents? Managing the lifecycle of Chromebooks can be challenging under any circumstances, with reckless student destruction and model expiration dates, but there are a few ways to work around a low budget.

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Our Three Favorite Chromebook Features

Guest Contributor : Bryan Freisinger, Systems Analyst

Sure, our company might be called ChromebookParts.com, but do we really use these things? You bet we do. And along the way toward reaching our goal of going %100 Chrome, we’ve learned a trick or two about just what these adorable — and versatile — little machines can do. Want to make your Chrome life even easier? These three Chromebook features are some of our favorites.

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