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Chromebook Lifecycle Tips For Low-Budget Schools

Guest Contributor: Jay Haugen, Account Executive

For many school IT Directors, a penny saved is a penny spent on Chromebook maintenance. But how do you maintain a fleet of devices when your budget doesn't make any cents? Managing the lifecycle of Chromebooks can be challenging under any circumstances, with reckless student destruction and model expiration dates, but there are a few ways to work around a low budget.

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Tips for Utilizing 3rd Party Chromebook Repairs

Guest Contributor: Jeff Lander, Hardware Technology Account Executive

Whether through general wear and tear or a barbarous student population, the need for Chromebook repairs has risen rapidly in the last few years. The sudden implementation of remote learning no doubt caught many off guard, with districts unprepared for the financial and staffing challenges of servicing and maintaining a fleet of these handy educational tools. So what does an IT Director (or Tech Teacher, or Librarian) and their small (or nonexistent) team do when faced with multiple cartloads of repairs? It may be time to start looking around for help.

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