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What Chromebook is Right For You?

Guest Expert: Sam Tatum, Tear Down Technician

Perusing the lengthy list of Chromebook models can feel like staring blankly at the menu of a classy French restaurant. Maybe you know what Moules Marinières, Pissaladière, or X360 G4EE translates to — but if you don't, it's probably best not to just point to something and hope for the best. Get the model that's right for you, with the ingredients features that will satisfy your Chromebook appetite. Below are some recommendations based on different types of use.

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Chromebook Lifecycle Tips For Low-Budget Schools

Guest Contributor: Jay Haugen, Account Executive

For many school IT Directors, a penny saved is a penny spent on Chromebook maintenance. But how do you maintain a fleet of devices when your budget doesn't make any cents? Managing the lifecycle of Chromebooks can be challenging under any circumstances, with reckless student destruction and model expiration dates, but there are a few ways to work around a low budget.

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Building Trust in the EdTech Industry

Guest Contributor: Joanna Nelson, Assistant Sales Manager

Look, we get it: the bottom line when it comes to securing Chromebook parts or services is pretty much all about...the bottom line. Many schools are required to take multiple bids from suppliers and repair shops, and then required to opt for the lowest cost. Fair enough — at least until those shipping dates get pushed back or those knockoff batteries go kaput, and there's no one picking up the phone to explain why your students are going back to the Dark Ages for the next month or more. Let's face it — that is not the basis for a lasting relationship.

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