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Chromebook Lifecycle Tips For Low-Budget Schools

Guest Contributor: Jay Haugen, Account Executive

For many school IT Directors, a penny saved is a penny spent on Chromebook maintenance. But how do you maintain a fleet of devices when your budget doesn't make any cents? Managing the lifecycle of Chromebooks can be challenging under any circumstances, with reckless student destruction and model expiration dates, but there are a few ways to work around a low budget.

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Making Buybacks Easier

Guest Contributor: Joshua Ford, Territory Account Specialist

It's going to happen eventually — much like replicants, Chromebooks have a built-in lifecycle. The end of Google support means the end of security updates, and the possibility that websites will stop supporting your current browser version. For a school with upwards of 2000 of these devices, this can present something of a headache. Not to worry — whether due to those expiring auto updates, unsatisfactory performance, or just a desire to replace aging devices with a shiny, new fleet, schools can take advantage of Chromebook buyback policies. Here's how to make the process as smooth as possible.

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