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Making Buybacks Easier

Guest Contributor: Joshua Ford, Territory Account Specialist

It's going to happen eventually — much like replicants, Chromebooks have a built-in lifecycle. The end of Google support means the end of security updates, and the possibility that websites will stop supporting your current browser version. For a school with upwards of 2000 of these devices, this can present something of a headache. Not to worry — whether due to those expiring auto updates, unsatisfactory performance, or just a desire to replace aging devices with a shiny, new fleet, schools can take advantage of Chromebook buyback policies. Here's how to make the process as smooth as possible.

Always Be Prepared

First things first: before you callously decide to move on, find out exactly when your Chromebook expires. Google publishes this information every year, and each model's ending date (month and year) can be found on the dropdown menus located here. You can also check a specific Chromebook's expiration date by following Google's steps listed here.

Next, get the ball rolling early. While many IT departments wait until the school year is officially over in May or June before initiating contact with a buyback partner, summer marks the beginning of the busy repair season — and that means busy technicians who are now less available to determine functionality and value for your devices. Instead, contact an Account Executive in March or April, and get the logistics process started with the goal of shipping your devices by the end of May.

Finally, make sure all devices have had their memory wiped, and the motherboards have been unenrolled from your school's Google domain. These are both extremely important, as motherboards represent the best chance at getting the most buyback value — and are most often the biggest issue holding up the process. While the latter can be done remotely, why wait? Large chunks of time and frustration can be saved by performing this crucial step in advance.

Mo' Money, Less Problems

Sure, motherboards and LCDs are the most valuable assets in any Chromebook buyback, but don't neglect the other parts; including adapters is often required. Also, cleanliness is next to godliness, so devices unstained by soda, sandwich crumbs, and/or student vomit can also affect the amount of $$ you may receive. You know what that means: grab a can of compressed air, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, and a good microfiber cloth —those palmrest keys don't unstick themselves!

Also, consider opting for store credit instead of straight cash. For instance, currently offers %10 above the cash offer when dealing for store credit. A little free money never hurts when it comes to a maniacal student population determined to crack as many screens as possible, and we'll even pay for the shipping to to get them here.

And in the end, if your poor, mangled Chromebooks are determined to be unsalvageable, check with your buyback partner to see what sort of ITAD assistance they offer, whether through their own service or a recommended third party recycler.


The bottom line is that as soon as a Chromebook is born, it's done for. They won't disappear like tears in the rain, however, so be sure to take the proper steps when initiating a buyback. For any further questions, please contact us!

Have any buyback tips or experiences you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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